CARL WINTHER – Solo, Singer & Composer/Songwriter;

born 08. 10. 1984

Country: Denmark

Style: Jazz, Contemporary

Instrumentation: keyboard, vocals

Son of the world famous composer and trumpet player, Jens Winther.

Start playing piano 1991

2004-2006 Skurup Folkhøjskola, (Skurup Musicschool)

2006 Winner of Linkjøbing Jazz competition with the band “Skurup Hot 5” and original music

2006-2011 Master at “The Danish Rhytmic Music Conservatorium”

2009 Receiver of The Conservatoriums Frineds Scholarship

2011 Winner of The 32nd Getxo Jazz Competetion with Carl Winther Trio.

2011 Sponsored by Luthman.

2012 Reciver of “DPA Jazz Composition Contest”

2013 Winner of “Jazz Nat Odra” with Wosko&Licak Quartet and original tunes

The Award Winning young piano player Carl Winther has toured with capacities such as

Billy Hart, Jerry Bergonzi, Bill Evans, Daniel Humiar, Adam Nussbaum, James Genus, Till

Broenner, Markus Strickland, Dick Oats, Dejan Terzic, Eliel Lazlo, Moussa Diallo, Mads

Vinding, Hugo Rasmussen, Mikkel Nords, Al Campos, Tomas Franck, Doug Raney, Frederik

Kronkvist, Afonso Corea.

In 2011 he won two Awards for his Compositions

The 32nd Getxo Jazz Competition (Spain)

DPAs 1st Prize for best young Jazz Composer (Denmark)

Musicians he performed with

Anders Mogensen (Drums)

Carl Winther (Piano)

Ivars Arutyunyan (Drums)

Jerry Bergonzi (Tenor Sax)

Jivin Cameron (Bass, Rap)

Johan Kolsut (Drums)

Johnny Aman (Upright Bass)

Tomas Franck (Tenor Sax)

Yuliesky Gonzalez (Trumpet)


JW European Quartet “Directions & New Directions” Carl Winther Trio “Contact”

P-O Nillson feat. Markus Strickland “NOW” Winther/Illerhag/Mogensen

Carl Winther Quartet feat.Jerry Bergonzi “Sonic Shapes” Carl Winther Trio Live In Spain 2011

J.W. Electrazz

Winther/Åman/Mogensen feat. Jerry Bergonzi “Tetragonz” Anders Mogensen Trio “Just

another day at the office”

Winther/Åman/Mogensen feat Garzone The Omen 2015

WInther/Åman/Mogensen feat Bergonzi/Garzone Quintonic 2014

Entrails United, 2014

Jerry Bergonzi Quintet, Dog Star 2015

Gaoyang Li East meets west, 2014

Gaoyang Li, Boss Tenors 2015

His performance is breathtaking and virtuous. He has a fluent ability to improvise and at the

same Time his Compositions are precise and extravagant.